Hygiene Ratings Affect Your Wealth

Hygiene Ratings Affect Your Wealth

Did you know that the hygiene ratings of your restaurant will massively affect your wealth at the end of the year? As a business, you need to be concerned about the waste that your business is exposed to as well as the waste that you produce. Waste management isn’t just about putting your bins out for collection every week. It’s how you manage it in the course of your business hours, how you keep it away from your business, and how waste is going to affect you overall.

Waste is a big issue in the restaurant sector. When there is food waste laying around, vermin are attracted, and bugs are drawn to the area.

On hot days, the waste starts to smell and rot, which turns patrons away from your business. It’s natural for a restaurant business to have a lot of waste. Food waste, glass, and other packaging waste have to be dealt with daily to be kept on top of easily. As a business, you want to get on with serving great food and dealing with your customers, and you can do that when you hire a waste management company to help.

Company Hygiene Policies Matter

As part of your company policies, hygiene should be a priority for you. Waste bins in the back of your business, as well as public waste bins on the street, need to be monitored to prevent overflow before they are collected. Of course, as a restaurant, you are not responsible for the waste generated and thrown into public bins. However, if you notice that a public bin is overflowing right outside your door, you need spring into action. Cluttered streets with foul-smelling rubbish are only going to turn people away from coming in the door.

It may not be your direct responsibility, but it is your responsibility to ensure that you are mindful of the exterior of your business. Below, we’ve discussed a few ways that your business could be affected if you don’t manage your waste appropriately.


As a food business, overflowing waste bins filled with food are going to be an attractive place for vermin to breed. You need to be mindful of your bins to prevent them from getting to the point of overflowing, and if they do, you need to be aware that flies are a big issue! Not only will they attract more and multiply, but you’ll also risk diseases being spread throughout your restaurant and lower your hygiene rating along with it should complaints arise.

Air Pollution

Did you know that overfilled bins can cause respiratory issues and other diseases? There are other contaminants that can be breathed in and absorbed into the lungs, including methane, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide, too. Bad odours will further alienate your customers, slowing down your profit and making it so that people won’t want to visit your restaurant at all.

Health Risks of Overflowing Waste

If your bins are overflowing, you will be exposing yourself to further health risks. Waste collectors – including you as you move the rubbish to the back bins – are at risk of handling overflowing old waste. This means that you risk infections, diseases, accidents, and rashes. When you touch waste that has been sitting a while, you could cut yourself and cause an infection, which then negatively reflects on your restaurant. All you would need to do is keep on top of the waste in your restaurant and ensure that the bins at the back are being regularly collected.

Bad For Public Health

Restaurants rely on health and safety ratings to appeal to their customer base. If you have consistently overflowing and bad-smelling garbage out the back of your restaurant, you’re going to cause a public eyesore and a nuisance. People want to visit restaurants that are clean, smell good, and look fantastic, and you can only do this if you are on top of your waste management. When there is trash everywhere, there are no customers, which means that there is no profit. You’ll also have your hygiene rating pulled down by environmental health for causing a public nuisance. Not ideal!

Prevention Is The Answer

To be able to keep your hygiene rating at a high standard, you need to be as on top of your waste management as possible. The right company will be able to advise you on your waste management protocols for the size of your restaurant, and they’ll be able to give you a transparent, helpful service.

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